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Marine industry booms as waterfront developments peak

Almouj Marina, Muscat Oman

February 23rd, 2015 – Dubai, U.A.E.: As the marine industry moves into another phase of growth in the Middle East, Wayne Shepherd, General Manager of the Dubai-based Mourjan Marinas, has called on owners to take a “pragmatic and phased approach” to marina development.

“In recent years, we’ve observed an increased interest in waterfront developments across the Middle East, which is encouraging for the continuing growth of the marine industry as a whole,” said Shepherd. With a number of new marina projects currently underway in the region, we envisage this trend to continue. However, we see developers and marina owners moving into a more pragmatic approach in developing marinas through a phased approach to meet the market requirements.”

Mourjan Marinas’ current marina management portfolio spans across the GCC, including three marina facilities totalling approximately 380 berths and 1,321,063 square feet.

According to research conducted by Mourjan Marinas across 23 marinas, covering 4,289 berths in the UAE, Qatar and Oman, berthing rates have increased on average between three and five per cent in recent years.

A 10 metre berth is currently rated at approximately US$ 5,100, whilst 15 metre berths are rated at approximately US$ 10,500.

However, the research has found that Oman’s berthing rates are between five and 10 per cent lower than average – a reflection of the lower cost of living enjoyed by Omanis and residents.

Shepherd highlights the importance for developers to involve the services of a marina management company from the outset.

“Marinas are a gateway between land and waterways, so access to and from both areas should be a big consideration in any waterfront development,” he said.“Engaging marina consultancy and management companies in the pre-evaluation phase allows us to consider the integration of a marina development with adjacent facilities, as well as long-term sustainability. Regional experience is key and developers should seek a marina management company with a highly skilled team, as well as extensive experience in the development and operations of a marina facility.”

Wayne’s performance indicator check-list for developers considering a marina consultancy and management company:

  • Broad skill-sets, depth of knowledge and track record of a company across: pre-evaluation, design and project management, through to operations and marketing
  • Experience within the region
  • Ability to think differently and introduce a pro-active approach in development or operational management
  • A company with the ability to bring and implement industry and international standards

A member of the Marina Industry Association, Mourjan Marinas is an award-winning Dubai-based marina consultancy and management company.

Mourjan Marinas provides industry specific solutions with an integrated approach through its team and their extensive experience. The company offers a broad range of skills, beginning with the pre-evaluation phases, through development and operations, to sales and marketing solutions.

Mourjan Marinas currently manages Mourjan Marinas – Lusail City and Mourjan Marinas – Four Seasons Hotel, Doha, as well as Almouj Marina, The Wave, Muscat.


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