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almouj Marina Leads Eco Initiative to Transform Litter to Art 

clean_up_daymaniyat_islandsMuscat, 27 October 2015: The award-winning environmentally-friendly Almouj Marina took part in the Daymaniyat Islands clean-up event, one of a series of ongoing eco-conscious activities. The important initiative, conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs and the local green SME, Plasbin, attracted over 30 volunteers and aimed to rid the islands of litter and debris by transforming them to pieces of art. 

"The Daymaniyat Islands are justly famous for their beautiful beaches and their vibrant marine life," commented Khalil AbuJaber, Marina Manager of Almouj Marina. "Unfortunately, the Islands and their waters are filled with items that do not belong there - plastics, metals, rubber, paper, textiles, derelict fishing gear. This impacts not only the attractiveness of the area, but also the aquatic environment and marine life. We are honoured to take part in an initiative that preserves and protects the marine eco-system and natural beauty, as well as promotes responsible marine tourism.

"The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs and Al Mouj Muscat staff, along with a team of eco-aware volunteers, collected the refuse from the islands, which will be recycled and used to produce artwork. The masterpieces will be displayed outside the Almouj Marina Office in order to increase awareness of the problem of marine pollution and the damage it causes.

The clean up campaign was used as a launch pad for Plasbin's recycling and segregation awareness and research project, with the SME supplying all gloves and bags for the clean-up and organising the recycling of the materials. Also lending their support were: Marassi Tourism, United Engineering Services, and Almouj Marina members Hamdan Al Hajri and Mohammed Al Ojaili, who provided boats to ferry volunteers and collected litter, while Almouj Marina catered to all other logistics. Refreshments for the volunteers were provided by PepsiCo. 

Fully committed to protecting and preserving Oman's environment, Almouj Marina has collaborated on a variety of world-leading research projects and environmental initiatives lead by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and Sultan Qaboos University's Marine Science and Fisheries Department. Almouj Marina was the first in the region to receive the coveted marine industry international achievement award from the International Clean Marina Accreditation Program. 


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